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Unseen Worlds

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"Blue" Gene Tyranny – Out Of The Blue
Carl Stone – Electronic Music from 1972–2022
Carl Stone
Electronic Music from 1972–2022
ポップミュージックから島唄まで既存の音楽作品やフィールドレコーディングなどありとあらゆるところから採取されたサンプルソースをコラージュのように構築していくライヴ・エレクトロニック・ミュージックのパイオニア。50年に及ぶ偉大な足跡を辿るアーカイヴ・シリーズ第3弾! Sale price$51.00
Giovanni Di Domenico – Succo Di Formiche
Giovanni Di Domenico
Succo Di Formiche
Written and recorded with the goal of creating a one-movement suite in the least amount of time possible, "Succo di formiche" reflects the archetypal joy of music making, the spontaneous impulses underlying its formation, and a love of the record album form. Sale price$26.00
Sold outJacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom – Daytime Viewing
Sold outJacqueline Humbert And David Rosenboom – J.Jasmine: My New Music
Sold outLaurie Spiegel – The Expanding Universe
Laurie Spiegel
The Expanding Universe
The Expanding Universe is the 1980 debut album by composer and computer music pioneer Laurie Spiegel. The original album is reissued here as a massively expanded 3LP or 2CD set, containing all four original album tracks plus an additional 15 tracks from the same period, nearly all previously unreleased and many making their first appearance on vinyl in this brand new 2018 edition. Sale price$43.00
Sold outLaurie Spiegel – Unseen Worlds
Leo Svirsky – River Without Banks
Robert Haigh – Creatures Of The Deep