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Ludgate Squatter – Zcanc
Ludgate Squatter
Klasse Wrecks’ sub-label Zodiac 44 returns with a ‘as nasty as it wants to be’ four tracker from new producer Ludgate Squatter, the 8th in the labels 12 release only schedule (one for each sign of the Zodiac dummy). ZCANC closely adheres to the labels ‘outsider’ sound, distorted drums and an atmosphere so dark, demented and paranoid you start to worry a little for the artist after listening to the music. Little is known about Ludgate Squatter and maybe thats for the best, theres an evil genius out there somewhere armed with a broken 606 and he’s taking no prisoners. Sale price¥1,790
Konduku – White Heron
White Heron
Sale price¥2,850
Hyperinteger – Shifting Seasons
Bottin – Artifact 11
Artifact 11
Sale price¥1,660
Save 30%Reggie Dokes & Red D – RD²
Reggie Dokes & Red D
Sale price¥1,120 Regular price¥1,600
Sold outJacky Ferreira – Summer Night EP
Jacky Ferreira
Summer Night EP
Beautifully honest Portuguese Balearic House production from 1989 with dreamy down tempo piano riffs, featuring a respectful extended edit by Nemo and Castro. Sale price¥1,920
Omar Joesoef – Ritmo
Omar Joesoef
Second release out on BLESSYOU featuring young talent from Jakarta. Indonesian downtempo techno, percussive, dark heavy dancefloor chugger. Sale price¥1,740
Fede Lng – Acid Raindrops
Fede Lng
Acid Raindrops
Sale price¥1,800
Sold outChaos In The CBD – Come Together
Granary 12 – G12 01
Granary 12
G12 01
Sale price¥1,720
Sold outUnknown Mobile – Mobile Sorcery
Fio Fa – You Think EP
Fio Fa
You Think EP
アイルランドのダブリンを拠点にレーベル/パーティー Pear を主宰する Fio Fa がベルリンの Radiant Love から。 Sale price¥1,800
Save 30%Regularfantasy – Anyways...
Sale price¥1,120 Regular price¥1,600
Save 30%Symptoms Of Love – Eye Contact
Symptoms Of Love
Eye Contact
Sale price¥1,155 Regular price¥1,650
Sold outSJ Tequilla – Sanya
SJ Tequilla
Sale price¥1,650
Sold outCofaxx – Isomorph
Sale price¥1,720
Sold outRoza Terenzi – Metal Glo EP
Roza Terenzi
Metal Glo EP
It was somehow inevitable that long time friends Klasse Wrecks and Pelvis would come together and release a joint venture, the UK/Hong Kong based record label and Australian multi-disciplinary fashion/music/design-house had been orbiting each other for years with similar styles and taste (see Luca Lozano’s ‘King Blade EP’ as proof). It only took the well timed and serendipitous sending of demos from mutual friend Roza Terenzi to seal the deal and concept of the split release and thus KWXPR001 was born. Sale price¥1,650
The Boys From Chariss – Dat 91-99 EP
The Boys From Chariss
Dat 91-99 EP
91年に自主の12インチ1枚のみをリリースしているブリストルのアンダーグラウンドなプロダクション・ユニットを Klasse Wrecks が再発。前述EPに収録の "Bubble & Squeak" 以外は未発表曲となります。 Sale price¥1,650
A Vision Of Panorama – Delicious Saw
Sold outSune – Fikapaus
Sale price¥1,750
Orlando Voorn – Diligence Pt. 2
Orlando Voorn
Diligence Pt. 2
Balance、Fix、Baruka、Complex 等、80年代から大量の名義を用いて活動してきたオランダのテクノ大御所 Orlando Voorn。初期の入手困難なシングルからコンパイルされた12"x2枚組の編集盤が Above Board Projects より登場。こちらは第二弾。 Sale price¥3,200
Orlando Voorn – Diligence Pt. 1
Orlando Voorn
Diligence Pt. 1
Balance、Fix、Baruka、Complex 等、80年代から大量の名義を用いて活動してきたオランダのテクノ大御所 Orlando Voorn。初期の入手困難なシングルからコンパイルされた12"x2枚組の編集盤が Above Board Projects より登場。こちらは第一弾。 Sale price¥3,200
Sold outJacky Ferreira – 69 Bingo
Jacky Ferreira
69 Bingo
Right when you thought Portugal’s dance floor scene had skipped early 90’s house music all together, we find out Mr. Ferreira was having fun with some innocent experiments in a modest studio he built. After “Summer Night” THANKYOU brings you yet another showcase of his results from back in the day. Effective bass lines and honest piano riffs on “69 Bingo” with an extended hallucinogenic DJ tool edit by Castro. “Fico So” features a cute downtempo ballad in Portuguese and DJ Fruhstuck’s rework of a folkloric “Pimba” piece into a quasi-cosmic chugger with a whole lot of snare abuse going on - careful. Sale price¥1,800
Sold outGuy Contact – Liminal Space
Guy Contact
Liminal Space
A Fresh transmission from Perth producer Guy Contact has arrived! After his debut outing on Bitterfeld in 2017 we were hooked and chasing more. Sale price¥1,690
Furious Frank – Infinity Pool
Furious Frank
Infinity Pool
Melbourne based producer Furious Frank has been making plenty of noise of late. He returns in 2019 with his very own imprint “Mind Dance”, of which will undoubtedly be home to much of his expanding portfolio of high quality, club ready tracks. His debut Mind Dance release ‘Infinity Pool’ unveils a diverse yet unified f… Sale price¥1,690
Moonbow – BNND WDTH
Sale price¥1,630
Local Artist – Touch Tone
Local Artist
Touch Tone
Sale price¥1,680
Sleep D – Rebel Force
Sleep D
Rebel Force
Incienso is proud to announce our next release- “Rebel Force”, the debut album from Sleep D, the ultimate Doof Dance Duo… Sale price¥3,120
Sold outChaos In The CBD – Orange Blank / Green Dove
Sold outJon Sable – Second Avenue
Jon Sable
Second Avenue
Down the long driveway at the end of Second Avenue is a single story abode perched on a cliff overlooking the water. The timber constructed house built in the 1950s, is surrounded by native Pohutukawa trees whose bright red coloured flowers are mimicked by the window frames and detailing of the exterior. Sale price¥1,700
Sold outTelephones – Multiverse / Turbofutúr
Bawrut – Pronto Arpeggio
Pronto Arpeggio
Sale price¥1,550
Sold outDJ Bogdan – Love Inna Basement
DJ Bogdan
Love Inna Basement
Objekt "Theme From Q" の元ネタとされる92年ドイツ産ハードコア/ブレイクビート・テクノのモンスター・チューンが初の正規ホワイト盤で登場。ベルリンの伝説的クラブ Basement Q のオーナーである DJ Bogdan が制作し、ごく少量のオープンリールテープのみで記録されていたという(設定の?)ミステリアスなカルト・トラック。 Sale price¥1,680
Save 30%Brown Irvin – Run Me That Soul
Brown Irvin
Run Me That Soul
CAコンプトンを拠点とするビートメイカーによるディープ・ダブ・ブロークンビート/コズミックアンビエント。uon や Ultrafog のリリースを手掛けてきた Motion Ward レーベルならではの一筋縄ではいかないレフトフィールド佳作です。 Sale price¥1,239 Regular price¥1,770
A Psychic Yes – Maze Dream EP
A Psychic Yes
Maze Dream EP
Sale price¥1,670
Save 30%Samo DJ – To Apeiron EP
Samo DJ
To Apeiron EP
As time has progressed, Samo DJ continues to be a highly respected producer and DJ. He's a consistent mainstay in the weird world of off centre electronic music. Often looked to by many, but never duplicated. Sale price¥1,169 Regular price¥1,670
Sold outJump Source – JS01
Jump Source
Jump Source, comprised of Priori & Project Pablo, kick off their new catalogue JS with a 12” of three subtle creations. After building a studio together in Montreal last year, the two dubbed out various compositions through an old British console, resulting in JS01. Sale price¥1,540
Sold outCoral D – Sways EP
Coral D
Sways EP
Sale price¥1,600
Sold outAlphonse – Brainstorming
Sale price¥1,600
Sold outUnknown Mobile – Clocktower EP
Unknown Mobile
Clocktower EP
Sale price¥1,540
Save 50%Mr Crux – Staring At The Ceiling
Mr Crux
Staring At The Ceiling
Sale price¥845 Regular price¥1,690
Save 30%DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel – Red Scorpions Remixes
DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel
Red Scorpions Remixes
Fett Burger と DJ Speckgürtel (Phillip Lauer) のコラボアルバムから、ヴァイナルオンリーとなるリミックス集。ブレイク後からの展開も圧巻な Fett Burger による11分に及ぶA1をはじめ、各自の特色を前面に押し出した好リミックスを3トラック収録。 Sale price¥1,078 Regular price¥1,540
Save 30%DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel – Red Scorpions
DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel
Red Scorpions
Sale price¥1,918 Regular price¥2,740
Sold outDJ Popup – Heather
DJ Popup
Regelbau 周辺の流通を手掛けるオーフスの Safe Distribution より、新人?と思われる DJ Popup がセルフレーベルよりデビュー。温かくオーガニックな音色、90sマナーのサンプリング&ループなど、聴いてそれと分かる、Regelbau 周辺の特色のあるサウンドです。ラベルのデザインは Central が担当。 Sale price¥1,450