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Furious Frank
Trip 2 Fantasy

Sale price¥1,890


Kalahari Oyster Cult welcomes another from down under, Furious Frank with his very own Trip 2 Fantasy via OYSTER28. Three OG acid-licked club-ready rollers from the Australian 303-connoisseur plus a bonus destruction mix from trusted Frankfurt associate Ludwig A.F.

A1 Existential Crisis, aka the current natural state of the world, sparks fly with flanged percussion springing between damaging drum work, making space for the juicy acid evolution. The journey develops to include dystopian stuttered vocals, glistening bells and pads to form a melancholic driver. Continue the mood, elastic processed rhythms roll and dip for the A2 Artificial Simulation, robotic mechanism holding hands with the heavenly, dream state timbre, fluttered and full of melodic resonance. The title track on the B1, Trip 2 Fantasy opens bold and brave, a punishing bass line and commanding claps, hot syncopation aimed for bodies moving. Thundering toms run stealthily underneath an ascending motif of delicate synthesis. “Join Me in my Dreams, My Trip to Fantasy” echoing out in seductive bliss over the driving undergrowth. The record is rounded off with an even deeper, throbbing rejig of the former from none other than Ludwig A.F. The “Floor destruction” mix isn’t coy about its intentions, risers, diced vocals and anticipation through the roof.




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