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M. Sage
Paradise Crick

Sale price¥3,680


Like a winding system of trails and paths cutting through a digital forest-scape, M. Sage’s Paradise Crick is shaped by time. Full of wonder and charm, designed patiently and from a rich, curious mulch of synthesized and acoustic sound, the versatile American artist and magic realist’s new suite of music is an imaginary destination and a pastoral fantasy that envisions the natural and fabricated worlds as one. Speckled with harmonica, autoharp, chimes, voice, and other alchemical mysteries, Crick’s texture is treated as a sensorial adventure; the swamps gurgle, the lakes glisten, and the valleys breathe in robust HD.


  • A1 : Bendin' In
  • A2 : Map to Here
  • A3 : River Turns Woodley (for Frogman)
  • A4 : Fire Keplo
  • A5 : Crick Dynamo
  • A6 : Tilth Dusk Drains
  • B1 : Tilth Dawn Rustles
  • B2 : Mercy Lowlands
  • B3 : Paradise Pass
  • B4 : Stars Hanging Shallow
  • B5 : Backdrif
  • B6 : Crick Foam
  • B7 : Evenin' Out




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