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New Members
Deep In The Night EP

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  • Label
  • Pear
  • Format
  • 12inch
  • Country
  • Ireland
  • Released
  • 2020
  • Style


Pear enters the new decade with New Members' latest opus Deep In The Night. Three tracks expanding the Donabate hero’s singular universe to ravier, more anthemic heights.

The title track is a right beast, giddily soaring through decades of dance eras past with expert poise. Its hard housed pumping core and diva mantras soon erupt into trance(cstatic) bliss, eliciting Pear’s biggest hands-in-the-air moment yet. Addictive stuff.

Stargazer shifts focus, locking in deep with an aerated roller reminiscent of early noughties tech. Serene pads suspend across its chugging low end, indulging sun-rise euphoria for ‘floors & headphones alike. Forcefield Shifta sees us out, stepping sharp with reinforced hardcore energy. New Members flexes his breadth as one of Dublin’s most talented producers.




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