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Soviet Space Research Institute
ARPA Spatial Industries Commercial

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Soviet Space Research Institute (SSRI) is a musical scheme led by Vladimiros Peilivanidis under the moniker Heinz Kammler. Similar to other HK by-products such as ITPDWIP (Instant Teleportation Process Detected While In Progress), SSRI is influenced by early Soviet and Western electronix of the likes of Detroit, Bristol, Munich, and St. Petersburg.

ARPA Spatial Industries is a fictional exotic tech R&D firm operating from 2036. The SSR Institute is exploring the cosmic endeavours of ARPA S.I. as presented through a series of public commercials. In this episode, we cover three particular commercials released between April and September 2036.


  • A1. Xerum 525
  • A2. ARPA Interceptor
  • B1. A Black Cat's Journey To The Other Side
  • B2. Cold Summer




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