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The Cat's Miaow
Songs '94-'98

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Songs ’94-’98 is a smart selection of material from The Cat’s Miaow, an Australian indie-pop group that gifted their decade with some of its finest songs. Released on World Of Echo, the album draws from the group’s string of excellent seven-inch singles, a small clutch of compilation contributions, and features one previously unreleased song, “I Take It That We’re Through”, recorded in 1998. Part of the burgeoning international pop underground of the nineties, The Cat’s Miaow’s legend has only built over subsequent decades, as more people discover this most quixotic and curious of groups: a recent appearance on A Colourful Storm’s compilation of Australian indie-pop, I Won’t Have To Think About You, is testament to their enduring influence. In part emulating the selection of tracks on the 1997 CD-only compilation, Songs For Girls To Sing, Songs ’94-’98 is also the group’s first ever full-length 12” vinyl collection – and if you score a copy of the initial edition, there’s an extra 7” featuring all the songs from their “Third Floor Fire Escape View” recording session.


  • A1 : Hollow Inside
  • A2 : Light The Beacon
  • A3 : Not Like I Was Doing Anything
  • A4 : Note On The Table
  • A5 : You Know It's True
  • A6 : What Time Is It There?
  • A7 : I Can't Sleep Thinking You Hate Me
  • A8 : Smitten
  • A9 : Portalnd, Oregon
  • A10 : Let Me Brush The Hair From Your Face
  • B1 : Stay
  • B2 : Shoot The Moon
  • B3 : Barney & Me
  • B4 : Firefly
  • B5 : LA International Airport
  • B6 : Crying
  • B7 : If Things Had Been Different
  • B8 : I Take It That We're Through




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