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Analogue Expressions (Eevo Lute Muzique 1991-1994)

Sale price¥3,520
  • Label
  • Delsin
  • Format
  • 3x12inch
  • Country
  • Netherlands
  • Released
  • 2020
  • Style


Delsin が蘭テクノ草分け的名レーベル Eevo Lute Muzique のアーカイヴに着手。レーベルファウンダー Wladimir M と Stefan Robbers (Florence) が91-94年に制作した初期楽曲をリマスター3x12"にカットした貴重なドキュメント!

デトロイト影響下、音楽と視覚の両面において独自の美学を確立した Eevo Lute Muzique。ダンスフロアでのみ機能していたテクノをリスニングの領域にも浸透させた草分け的存在です。本作は Eevo Lute の初期カタログから11曲をセレクトし、新たにリマスターが施された貴重なアーカイヴ・コンピレーションです。

Delsin turns its attention to the archives of one of the great early pioneers of Dutch techno – Eevo Lute Muzique. The label was founded in 1991 by Wladimir Manshanden and Stefan Robbers (who was already recording seminal early techno records as Terrace for Djax-Up-Beats). Channeling the inspiration of the Detroit originators and mixing it up with their own synth pop and new wave influences, Manshanden and Robbers (adopting the Florence alias) forged a bold aesthetic with Eevo Lute, both musically and visually. This was an early iteration of techno as listening music, with an emphasis on expression and narrative over dancefloor functionality, helped in no small part by Manshanden’s striking poetry. This double set of remastered, reissued tracks gathers together the earliest Florence and Wladimir M. material, largely recorded between 1991 and 1994, across five discs – the definitive document of a treasured piece of Dutch techno history.


  • A1. Exploration (Mystical Mix)
  • A2. It's In The Hands
  • B1. Analogue Expressions
  • B2. Robotica
  • C1. The Vineyard (Moving Mix)
  • C2. Foreign Dimensions
  • D1. Quartertraxx
  • E1. A Touch Of Heaven
  • E2. Sea Of Tranquility
  • F1. The Vineyard (Reprise)
  • F2. Revival




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