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Distance feels ingrained in how we all navigate the world at the moment, we’re hoping to bring you a little closer together with iota’s new release on Pure Space. It feels like exactly what we’ve been craving; a moment of calm, rhythms to soothe, sit back and get carried away to. Having self-released a number of EP’s in the past year iota has pricked up the ears of the Australian music community with his take on minimal tek, electro and acid. His debut release on Pure Space delivers three original tracks spanning the breadth of minimal club music. Accompanying the release are two remixes, one from Melbourne's famed lizard Reptant and another from IDM producer DBR. On the A-side iota kicks it off with ‘Terminus’, here deep under a tight electro beat lurks a staunch bassline intertwined with playful pads and soft acid-like tones. It’s a textural and delicately refined track, with each sound finding its perfect place within the piece. Up next is ‘Cloudtek’; where gentle percussion dances softly on a bed of textured sampling that truly takes the edge off the stomping 4/4 beat.. Flipping to the B-side you will find ‘Noxi’, a lurking, moody atmospheric track. Curious psy-inspired samples follow you through the piece and a continual shift in the percussion builds tension and a sense of movement to ensue. Complementing the release Melbourne’s Reptant puts a deeper electro-acid take on ‘Terminus’. His Lizard-Tech mix plays up the acid elements of the original and sits on the darker end of the scale. The acid drones demand attention and the new baseline brings the beat to the forefront of your mind.


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