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Sam Mallet

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Wetlands is the product of countless hours spent with this archive by Rowan Mason (Sanpo Disco/Recurring Dream) and Tony Remple (Musique Plastique), offering a dynamic survey of Sam’s work, and housed in a jacket evoking the minimal design and colour palette of his earliest cassette releases. Two selections of Sam Mallet’s music were featured on the compilation Midday Moon (also produced by Rowan), released last year by Bedroom Suck Records. Along with Left Ear Records’ Antipodean Anomalies, Midday Moon has served to highlight outlier musics and scenes from Australia and New Zealand, and Wetlands plunges deeper into the catalog of this obscure yet groundbreaking artist.


  • A1 : Javanese
  • A2 : Tropics
  • A3 : Building And Wind Corridors
  • A4 : Skateboard Terrains
  • A5 : Amber
  • B1 : Holiday On The River Yarra
  • B2 : Sun Glints On The Ocean
  • B3 : Up There Down Here
  • B4 : Marine Life
  • B5 : 40 Day Desert Voodoo




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